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TradeEZ era

I started with a lame bankroll of only 230 eur. And now?

But my story didn't start like this....

My story like a movie

There is an old Serbian tv show ''Hot Wind'' (Vruc vetar). The main actor of that series, Šurda, started working as a male hairdresser. He loved his job and had a passion for it, but he was unsuccessful. He could not earn anything from it. Šurda left that job and after it he started many more jobs where he was even more unsuccessful.

At the end of the series, he accidentally became the best hairdresser in the country. Not a male but best female hairdresser. He started his journey in the right direction but chose wrong way. A real life story. And I identify with her. When I started my journey instead of betting ''i should have been a bookmaker''.  Among other things, that's possible on 'exchange' sites and it is one of the specialties of the TradeEZ system.


Who am I and what is TradeEZ?

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I was born on April 12. 1989. in the village of Majur near Jagodina (Serbia).
My parents were professors, my brother is a doctor, and I chose a specific field from which i now make a easy living.

As a child, i went to school, trained football, later bodybuilding, but at the same time, from an early age, I tried to achieve success in the field and passion that interested me the most.
My biggest passion was making money from sports matches.

To a normal person, that area would seem immature and ridiculous, and that's exactly how it started. I have been visiting casinos and betting sites for years without success and looking for a way to make money with betting. Of course, I didn't earn anything by betting or gambling on different markets and with different combinations, even though I knew all the leagues and teams from the first English league to the third Finnish league.

 I was buying betting newspapers, betting lists, made combinations literally on a daily basis but NOTHING. You can find an old video from that period of my life. My attempt to find the "golden betting formula" you can find on my YouTube channel. LINK . Like I said, I didn't earn anything, and neither did the other people who have been betting for years. Why? Because the betting websites and casinos are mathematically designed to make a profit in the end.
Therefore, I do not recommend gambling or betting unless it is done for fun or by using a small stake!

TradeEZ era

I started almost 4 years ago with a small bankroll of 230 eur
on Orbitx. And now... Well, see for yourself.
Pictures and videos tell everything about my life in recent years.

TradeEZ conclusion

I lived my life to the fullest and during it i was trading using my TradeEZ systems.
But now with a larger bankroll and with a larger profit.

In the course of my trading, I created this site and a telegram group so that  similar people like me could  also live EZ from their passion. And of course to make money from site too. 

There are people like me who have also messed around with betting before. People who have prior knowledge about matches and odds but do not know that there are "exchange" sites with 2/2 odds, trading and setting odds as a bookmaker. That's the point.

I am glad that I have helped many people and that more and more people are making profit or making a living from my TradeEZ systems.
Over time, I have accumulated hundreds of member experiences. You can find them on highlight stories at nixazizu89 instagram or at members section on this site.

Right as I am writing this text on the about me page, I am trading England (Championship).
Good profit. Let me record it for a nice page ending. EZ

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